Free Download Lucidchart Diagrams for PC

What is Lucidchart Diagrams for PC?

Lucidchart is the easiest way to create and share visual diagrams, making it a popular alternative to Microsoft Visio. With the latest law update, Lucidchart has become even more user-friendly and accessible. Whether you are using a desktop or a tablet, Lucidchart allows you to collaborate in real time with team members, no matter where they are located. 

One of the many diagram options offered by Lucidchart is Venn diagrams, which are incredibly useful for organizing and visualizing overlapping concepts or sets of data.

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can easily reach us through our customer support productivity team. Harness the power of Lucidchart for your visual diagramming needs today!

What is Lucidchart Diagrams for PC?

Technical characteristics

  • Collaborative editing – Allows real time collaboration with multiple users editing diagrams simultaneously.
  • Cross-platform – Web-based platform is accessible on any device and operating system with a browser.
  • Drag and drop – Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for building diagrams quickly.
  • Shape libraries – Extensive collection of templates, shapes, icons, and symbols to add to diagrams.
Technical characteristics



  • Real-time collaboration – Enables teams to co-edit diagrams at the same time for efficient collaboration.
  • Variety of templates – Provides numerous pre-made templates for flowcharts, org charts, UML diagrams, office layouts etc.
  • Customization options – Ability to customize diagrams with different visual themes, fonts, shapes, colors and styles.


  • Internet required – As a cloud-based app, Lucidchart requires consistent internet connectivity to access diagrams. Offline access not available.
  • Limited free plan – Free accounts have restrictions on diagram privacy, version history, shape libraries that may not suit business use.
  • Cost – Paid plans can get expensive for larger teams and enterprise deployment.

What’s new

  • Magic grid – Documents organize themselves in real-time with smart guides and auto-layout features.
  • Multi-page documents – Can add multiple artboards for complex multi-page diagrams.
  • Table enhancements – Added features like merging cells, text wrapping, styling and coloring for tables.
  • Lucid Meetings – Embed diagrams into video meeting presentations for real-time visual collaboration.

System Requirements

  • It is a web-based application accessible through modern web browsers. There is no software to download or install.
  • Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not officially supported.
  • Works on Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux operating systems as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.
System Requirements

How to Download Free Latest Version

  1. Step

    Click the download or get button which will take you to a page to download the installer file. Make sure you select the free version if there are multiple options.

  2. Step

    Before downloading, check the website for the version number to confirm it is the latest release. Also check the file size to make sure it is reasonable.

  3. Step

    Once the installer file is downloaded, run the file to start the installation process. Be sure to uncheck any boxes to install additional software during the setup.

How to Download Free Latest Version

Basic functions

  • Open/Close – Launch the program or exit out of it when done using it. Look for application icons or menu options.
  • New/Save – Create a new document or project or save your work in an existing file. This allows you to access the content later.
  • Edit – Make changes to documents or projects. Options may include cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, find & replace.
  • View – Adjust what you see on screen. Can include zoom, full screen, different layouts, show/hide panels.

Activation keys

  • TGAE5-3PB3K-6S4F8
  • 4LDFR-56786-GH8J4
  • 6KS81-3MF2M-957MT
  • KAP6E-6D319-RD3J8
Activation keys

Program Activation Method

  • Hardware ID – Your computer hardware IDs are used to generate a unique activation file for the machine the software is installed on.
  • Internet Verification – The software contacts the company’s server to verify your license and activate the program. An internet connection is required.
  • USB Dongle – A small hardware device plugs into your computer’s USB port to activate the software that matches the license on the dongle.


  • Adobe Photoshop – Affordable alternatives include GIMP, Paint.NET, Pixelmator, Krita. Online options are Pixlr, Photopea.
  • AutoCAD – Solid free options are FreeCAD, LibreCAD, DraftSight. Paid options include Onshape, SolidEdge, SolidWorks.
  • SketchUp – Free alternatives like Sweet Home 3D, Floorplanner, homestyler. Paid options are Chief Architect, Vectorworks, Punch! Home Design.


Q: How do I download and install the app?

A: You can download the app from the App Store if you have an iPhone or the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. Simply search for the app name, click download, then follow the on-screen instructions to install on your phone.

Q: Is a subscription required to use the app?

A: No, this app is free to download and use. There are optional in-app purchases available to unlock premium features, but a subscription is not required for the basic functionality.

Q: How do I backup my data from the app?

A: Open the app settings menu and select the “Back Up Data” option. This will save all your preferences and data to the cloud. You can also connect your phone to a computer and copy the app data folder if you want a local backup file as another option.


In conclusion, Lucidchart Diagrams is a comprehensive desktop product that offers an easy way to export and import Visio files. It provides a visual workspace for creating various diagrams, mind maps, and data visualizations. However, there have been reports of the software being flagged as malicious by certain antivirus programs. 


This could be due to a broad detection signature or algorithm used by these programs. Regardless, Lucidchart remains a leader in the industry, offering features such as real-time collaboration and integration with popular platforms like Slack.

Users can reach out to the support team to send feedback or tap into the extensive library of visual resources for their projects. Overall, Lucidchart is a reliable software program for creating visually appealing diagrams and enhancing collaboration among teams. 

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Free Download Lucidchart Diagrams for PC
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