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What is LunaPic APK? 

LunaPic is a popular free online photo editing tool that has been around since 2004. It provides a suite of basic yet powerful editing features directly within the browser, with no downloads or software installation required. Users can simply go to the LunaPic website, upload a photo from their device, and start editing using tools like crop, resize, filters, drawing, text, shapes, Image adjustments, and more. 

Some key highlights of LunaPic are its versatile annotation features like speech bubbles and meme generation, along with the slider-based adjustment controls that allow fine-tuning emulator images. Photos can be quickly enhanced and modified before downloading to the device. 

Being online, LunaPic makes photo editing convenient and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. While professional-grade desktop software like Photoshop offers more advanced capabilities, LunaPic covers a wide range of everyday photo editing needs on the go.

What is LunaPic APK? 

Technical characteristics

  • Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera. Mobile browser support for iOS and Android.
  • Photos can be uploaded from device up to 16MB in size. Integrates with image hosting sites as well.
  • Provides basic image editing tools like crop, resize, filters, effects, drawing, shapes, text, frames etc.
Technical characteristics

New features software


  • Good for basic edits – Provides commonly used tools like crop, resize, rotate, filters, text etc.
  • Creative options – Overlays, meme generator, speech bubbles make it easy to enhance photos.
  • Universally compatible – Works on any device and operating system that supports a modern web browser.


  • Limited capabilities – Lacks more advanced image manipulation tools available in desktop software like Photoshop.
  • Advertisements – Free version shows ads which can be distracting.
  • Lower resolution – Maximum 1600×1600 pixel output size may be insufficient for printing or commercial use.
New features software

What’s new

  • In-app image downloads – Option added to search and download stock photos without leaving LunaPic.
  • Animated GIF support – Can now edit and optimize animated GIFs up to 200 frames.
  • Video slideshows – Images can be converted into video slideshows right within the editor. LunaPic has an animation tool that emulates a flip book by turning a series of photos into an animated GIF.

System Requirements

  • GPU – An integrated or dedicated GPU that supports WebGL for some effects. Most modern iGPUs and dGPUs with updated drivers will suffice.
  • Operating Systems – Works on Windows 7 and newer, Mac OSX 10.10+, ChromeOS, Linux, Android 5.0+, iOS 11+.
  • RAM – Minimum of 2GB RAM recommended. More RAM allows for smoother performance with high resolution images.
  • Storage – At least 200MB free space for the browser and temporary image data. Additional space required for saving exported images.
System Requirements

Activation keys

  • RDL1Q-864IE-64A3O
  • 687E5-7J164-8MDC9
  • 53259-7M2N3-3SAKT
  • 3FA9B-ED3F6-3NN9E
Activation keys

Alternative programs

  • Fotor – Provides filters, overlays, focus tools, frames, bokeh, and collage maker.
  • Canva – Graphic design focused but with many photo editing features.
  • Ribbet – Whimsical editor with meme generator, overlays, animation tools.
  • Photopea – Advanced online editor that emulates Photoshop features.
Alternative programs


Q: What browsers support LunaPic?

A:. LunaPic works on all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera. Both desktop and mobile browsers are supported. Adding text captions is a quick and easy step to enhance your photos using the text tool in LunaPic.

Q: Can I use LunaPic on my phone?

A: Yes, LunaPic is mobile-optimized. You can edit photos directly from your iPhone, Android phone or tablet using the mobile website. The filters and adjustment sliders in LunaPic can be used to make your photos pop with brighter colors.

Q: Does LunaPic have a desktop application?

A: No, LunaPic is only available online as a web-based app. There is no desktop program to install.


In conclusion, LunaPic is a fantastic photo editing app that is available for free download. With its wide variety of photo filters, users can easily transform their pictures and make them pop. The app stands out from others with its user-friendly interface and the ability to choose from a variety of categories to enhance the images. 


Whether you want to adjust the brightness or contrast, LunaPic file has got you covered. The app is compatible with both iPad and Android devices, making it accessible to a wider audience. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and once installed, users can simply tap or click to begin the editing process. 

LunaPic also offers options for sharing the edited photos, allowing users to amaze their friends and followers with their creativity and skills. Overall, LunaPic is a top-notch photo editing tool that every photography enthusiast should try. 

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LunaPic photo editor APK Pro – Download software
Jan 1, 1970

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  1. Thank you so much for recommending LunaPic as the ultimate photo editor for Android! I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to download it and start editing my photos.

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