Download Photopea APK for Android and PC version

What is Photopea APK?

Photopea is a free advanced online photo editor that works directly in your web browser. Developed as an alternative to Photoshop, Photopea provides robust photo editing and manipulation tools including layers, selections, masks, filters, and advanced adjustments. 

Key features include opening Photoshop PSD files for seamless editing between the two programs, major file formats like JPG and PNG, a customizable workspace with toolbars and panels, and ability to work with both raster and vector graphics. 

Photopea utilizes HTML5 technology to perform complex image editing in-browser without needing any downloads or plugins. It is regularly updated by the developers to add new features and improvements. The free online nature makes Photopea accessible for basic template photo editing by hobbyists and students, while still providing sophisticated tools for designers and professionals. 

Overall, Photopea aims to deliver a capable Photoshop-style editing program accessible to anyone with a web browser and internet connection.  

What is Photopea APK?

Technical characteristics

  • Photo Formats: Opens and saves PSD, PSB, JPG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, GIF, PPM, TIFF, Targa, PCX
  • Graphics: Supports raster and vector graphics editing
  • Layers: Full layer support with blending modes and opacity
  • Selections: Lasso, magic wand, quick selection tool
Technical characteristics

New features Photopea APK for android and PC


  • Familiar interface – The layout and tools mirror Photoshop, making it easy to switch for Photoshop users.
  • No uploading – All editing is done client-side so you don’t have to upload your images to a server.
  • Robust toolset – Provides advanced tools like layers, masks, filters, levels, selections, etc. Enough for professionals.
  • Active development – New features and improvements are added regularly by the developers.


  • No CMYK – Works in RGB colorspace only, no CMYK for print production work.
  • No macros/actions – Lacks the advanced automation capabilities of Photoshop.
  • No plugin support – Photoshop plugins like Filter Forge don’t work. Limited to built-in filters.
  • No 3D/Video tools – No support for 3D, video editing, animation or other specialized Photoshop features.
New features Photopea

What’s new

  • Content-Aware Fill – The powerful Photoshop tool for automatically filling selections with surrounding image content.
  • Brush Smoothing – Option to smooth and stabilize brush strokes as you paint for cleaner results.
  • HEIF Support – Can now open and edit HEIF images from Apple iOS devices.
  • Improved Text – Faster text tool with better formatting options.

System Requirements

  • Operating System – Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS. Requires OS version that supports modern browser.
  • CPU – A multi-core processor recommended. More cores will improve performance.
  • RAM – Requires at least 4GB RAM. 8-16GB+ recommended for complex edits.
  • Hard Disk – No minimum disk space needed since it runs in browser. SSD helps improve general performance.
System Requirements

How to use software

  1. Step

    Import a photo – Click the Open button and select a JPG, PNG, PSD or other supported format to load into the editor.

  2. Step

    Adjust the workspace – Drag panels like Layers, Adjustments etc. to setup your workspace.

  3. Step

    Crop the image – Use the Crop tool to trim, straighten or resize the canvas.

  4. Step

    Make selections – Use selection tools like the Rectangular Marquee to select parts of the photo.

Activation keys for Photopea APK

  • ANAE1-745OP-6K4J6-1P715
  • RB99G-PR8LS-8J88I-K3T1N
  • 8T3LS-FK475-19287-N89QT
  • BL95L-2FBF2-IML3Q-LF117
Activation keys for Photopea APK


  • GIMP – Free open source raster graphics editor similar to Photoshop.
  • Paint.NET – Free image and photo editing app for Windows.
  • Affinity Photo – Premium one-time purchase Photoshop alternative.
  • Pixelmator – Full-featured photo editor for MacOS.


Q: Does Photopea work on mobile devices?

A: Yes, Photopea is accessible on both iOS and Android mobile devices directly in the device’s web browser. The interface is optimized for smaller screens.

Q: Is my work saved in Photopea?

A: Any edits made in Photopea are automatically saved periodically to the browser’s Local Storage. You can also manually save files to your computer.

Q: Can I open Photoshop (PSD) files in Photopea?

A: Yes, one of Photopea’s key features is the ability to directly open, edit, and save PSD files to retain compatibility with Photoshop.

Conclusion – Download Photopea

In conclusion, Photopea is a comprehensive advanced image editor that is gaining popularity among graphic designers. With its latest version, it offers a wide range of features and tools to enhance and manipulate images. According to the latest review, Photopea is comparable to Adobe Photoshop in terms of functionality and usability. 

Conclusion - Download Photopea

It is available on multiple platforms including desktop, making it accessible for users across different devices. Moreover, it supports various file formats such as sketch, 1.0, PDF, XD, and XCF, allowing designers to work with different types of projects. 

Its integration with Canva and Peadrive further enhances collaboration and file management. Overall, Photopea is a powerful alternative for graphic designers looking for a comprehensive image editing software. 

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Download Photopea APK for Android and PC version
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  1. In today’s digital age, editing photos has become a common practice for many of us. Whether we want to enhance the lighting, add filters, or crop the image, having a reliable photo editing tool is essential. Photopea APK is a fantastic option for both Android and PC users. This app allows you to edit your photos with ease, providing a wide range of features and tools comparable to those found in professional editing software. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, Photopea APK makes it simple for anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, to create stunning and professional-looking photos. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to edit photos on your Android device or PC, I highly recommend giving Photopea APK a try.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been looking for a simple and easy way to edit photos on my Android and PC, and Photopea APK seems perfect for that. Can’t wait to download it and start exploring all its features. Thanks again for the recommendation!

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