Download Pixlr Desktop for PC and Android [Review Advanced Free Photo Editor] 

Review for Pixlr

Pixlr is a free, web-based image editing application that provides powerful photo editing and effects capabilities directly within a web browser. Developed by Pixlr Inc., Pixlr has an easy-to-use interface and tools similar to Photoshop but does not require any installation or setup beyond visiting the Pixlr website. 

Key features include layers for non-destructive edits, selection tools, paint brushes, filters, text tools, and adjustments for color, lighting, and more. Images can be opened from the local device or cloud services like Dropbox. Pixlr is great for casual users who want access to Photoshop-caliber tools for basic photo enhancements and manipulations without downloading any software. 

While not a full Photoshop replacement, Pixlr offers an impressive array of image editing options accessible instantly in a web browser. Both hobbyists and professionals take advantage of its creative features and convenience as an online image editor.

Review for Pixlr

Technical characteristics

  • Adjustment layers and live filters for non-destructive editing
  • Mask layers including pixel masks, luminosity masks, and filter masks
  • RAW processing with tools like white balance, HSL, and tone curves
  • High quality retouching tools for cloning, healing, patch tool, inpainting
  • Liquify, warp, mesh and perspective distortion tools
Technical characteristics



  • Great value – A fraction of the cost of Photoshop for full suite of professional tools.
  • Cross-platform – Same license works on Mac, Windows, iPad.
  • Intuitive UI – Clean, efficient interface with contextual controls.
  • Non-destructive – Live filters, adjustment layers maintain edit flexibility.
  • RAW editing – Excellent built-in RAW processor rivaling Lightroom with 1/2 the storage space.


  • No animation tools – Unlike Photoshop, Affinity lacks built-in animation capabilities.
  • Limited pre-made content – Not as many templates, brushes, filters offered as some subscription suites.
  • No mobile editing – iPad version lacks many features of desktop app.
  • No lens corrections – Does not have profiles for camera/lens combinations to correct distortions.

 What’s new

  • Multi-layer compositing modes
  • Smart slice export for web
  • Advanced selection refinement
  • Select Subject and Mask AI
  • Enhanced RAW and lens corrections

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 or later (64-bit only)
  • Modern multi-core Intel or AMD processor
  • 8GB RAM or more
  • SSD storage
System Requirements

How to download Pixlr latest version

  1. Step

    At the bottom of this page, click the “Download for Desktop” button to download the Pixlr desktop application for your operating system.

  2. Step

    Once downloaded, open the installer file and follow the prompts to install Pixlr on your computer. The latest version will be installed.

Activation keys

  • B77ST-JJO88-OQ3TB
  • 4R576-KGJH4-7CLRA
Activation keys

Alternatives similar to Pixlr

  • Photopea – Advanced browser-based editor with many Photoshop capabilities. Supports PSD files.
  • Canva – Easy to use graphic design and editing right in the browser. Good for social media images.
  • Fotor – Provides filters, effects, stickers, and templates for quick enhancement.
Alternatives similar to Pixlr


Q: Does Pixlr work on mobile devices?

A: Yes, Pixlr has mobile apps for both Android and iOS that allow photo editing on smartphones and tablets. The mobile apps provide core Pixlr capabilities optimized for touchscreens.

Q: Can I edit Photoshop PSD files in Pixlr?

A: Pixlr has support for opening and editing PSD files while preserving layers. This makes it easy to work with images created in Photoshop.

Q: What types of image formats does Pixlr support?

A: Pixlr supports PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP and PSD among other common image formats. Both raster and vector graphics can be edited, combined, and exported in Pixlr.


In conclusion, Pixlr is a versatile program that offers various features to enhance and edit photos. It allows users to add overlays, borders, and vintage effects to give their images a unique touch. The option to adjust the background, crop the image, and remove unwanted elements is also available. 


Pixlr Express, a popular category in Pixlr, offers quick editing tools such as blur and adjust. Users can upload their photos directly from Instagram or Facebook and even add a signature to their edited images. The program supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users from different parts of the world. 

Pixlr has received positive ratings and is considered a user-friendly tool for photo editing. However, some features may require payment, and Softonic We Scan has detected that some users have reported issues with the program. 

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Download Pixlr Desktop for PC and Android [Review Advanced Free Photo Editor] 
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  1. Pixlr is a fantastic tool that can boost your creativity and take your photo editing skills to the next level. Whether you’re using Windows or Android, this free download offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to explore. With Pixlr, you can easily enhance your photos, add stunning effects, and unleash your imagination. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to create captivating visuals without breaking the bank. Give it a try and let your creativity soar with Pixlr!

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