Cookies Policy

When Does This Policy Apply?

  • Scope: This policy is active when accessing, its subdomains, and any associated sites where this policy is referenced or accessible. It’s an integral part of our overarching Privacy Policy. Cookies Policy

Understanding Cookies and Technologies

  • First Visit: Upon your initial visit, a window will inform you about our use of cookies. Accepting means you consent to our and third parties’ use of cookies and related technologies.
  • Choice and Consent: You can always modify your cookie preferences via our Cookie Settings tool on the homepage.
  • Non-Consent Impact: Not consenting may limit your website experience and functionality.

What are Cookies and Related Technologies?

  • Cookies: Small, often encrypted text files, stored on your device to manage site preferences and settings.
  • Types of Cookies:
    • Persistent Cookies: Stay on your device after you go offline.
    • Session Cookies: Deleted once your browser is closed.
  • Additional Technologies:
    • Pixels: For tracking ad conversions and optimizing future ads.
    • Tags: HTML codes to fetch ads from servers.
    • JavaScript: Enhances interactivity but doesn’t collect personal data.

Usage of Cookies

  • Technical Cookies: Essential for website functionality (e.g., language settings, form inputs).
  • Analytics Cookies: For analyzing site visits and enhancing user experience (e.g., Google Analytics, Hotjar).
  • Advertising Cookies: Tailor advertising to your interests, using data like site interactions (e.g., Facebook Pixel, Criteo).

Opting Out and Data Control

  • Cookie Settings: Available at the bottom of our homepage for preference management.
  • Browser Settings: You can configure your browser to manage cookie settings.
  • Data Controller: Contact us at [email protected] for any data protection queries.

Security and Policy Updates

  • Data Security: We ensure your data’s security with our trusted partners through encryption and anonymization.
  • Policy Updates: We’ll inform you of significant changes, requiring your consent if they affect your privacy rights.

Last Updated: 09.11.2023

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