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Program description

Bartender is a powerful label design and printing software developed by Seagull Scientific. It provides an intuitive interface to easily design barcode labels, RFID tags, and card templates. Key features include support for various barcode symbologies, advanced printer control, database connectivity for label templates, and integration with ERP systems. Companies use Bartender to improve labeling efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance traceability and compliance in their operations. With its comprehensive print engine, template management, and enterprise capabilities, Bartender has become a trusted solution for organizations across many industries to optimize their labeling workflows.

Technical characteristics Bartender crack full version

  • Supports over 100 barcode symbologies including 1D and 2D barcodes to meet various industry standards. Barcode symbologies like UPC, Code 39, GS1-128, DataMatrix, QR Code etc are supported.
  • Allows easy design of labels, tags, cards with various objects like barcodes, text, shapes, images etc. Intuitive drag and drop interface to quickly build templates.
  • Powerful printing engine with options like direct thermal, thermal transfer, laser, and inkjet printing. Can print to hundreds of industrial and desktop printers.
  • Print automation features like hot folders, command line printing, XML print requests with ERP, and automation.
  • Centralized template management with Bartender System Database to securely store, categorize, search, and retrieve labels enterprise-wide.
  • Advanced data source support with options to connect to databases, Excel files, and XML data for dynamic label printing.
  • Extensive application capabilities to integrate with SAP, Oracle, Zebra printers, and other systems.
  • Output options to print, save labels as PDF, email, or export to another system.
  • Provides controls like print job logging, user permission management for administration and auditing.
  • Available in 13 languages to meet global customer requirements.

Feature of Bartender

Feature of Bartender
  • Label Design and Printing – Intuitive drag-and-drop interface to easily design and print labels, barcodes, RFID tags, cards, etc.
  • Barcode Symbologies – Supports over 100 industry standard 1D and 2D barcode symbologies including Code 128, GS1-128, UPC, DataMatrix, QR Codes etc.
  • Database Connectivity – Ability to connect to databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Access, etc to use database data for dynamic label printing.
  • Printer – Supports hundreds of barcode and RFID printers including industrial printers from Zebra, Sato, Cab, etc. Advanced printer control and management.
  • Template Management – Centralized management of label templates using the Bartender System Database for easy reuse and deployment.
  • Enterprise Integration – with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and Infor using standards like XML and ZPL.

Advantages and Disadvantages product license


  1. Easy-to-use interface allows fast design of barcodes, labels, and templates without extensive training.
  2. Supports a wide range of 1D and 2D barcode symbologies to meet diverse industry needs.
  3. Tight with databases, business applications, and printers improves labeling workflows.
  4. Centralized template management provides enterprise-wide access, control, and consistency.
  5. Automation features like hot folders and command line printing boost efficiency.


  1. Can be expensive for smaller businesses with limited label printing needs.
  2. Requires IT involvement to connect with databases and enterprise apps.
  3. Advanced features like RFID require the purchase of additional modules or serial.
  4. Upgrading versions requires retesting integrations and validated templates.
  5. Limited built-in reporting capabilities, need add-ons for advanced analytics.


What’s new Bartender 11.5.6 crack with keygen?

What's new Bartender 11.5.6 crack with keygen?

Version comparison

Bartender 2021 vs Bartender 2019

  • Bartender 2021 has native support for GS1 standards allowing easier creation of GS1-compliant barcodes.
  • Improved RFID capabilities including faster encoding speeds in 2021 version.
  • Enhanced printing performance and scalability for high volume printing in Bartender 2021.
  • New barcode fonts and expanded symbology support added in 2021.
  • User interface improvements including support for high DPI monitors in the latest version.

Bartender 2019 vs Bartender 2016

  • 2019 introduced native 64-bit architecture for increased performance and memory handling.
  • Expanded cloud capabilities for template storage and printing from cloud apps.
  • Added support for AAD (Azure Active Directory) for single sign-on.
  • Faster printing speeds and concurrent printing improvements in Bartender 2019.
  • Improved regulatory compliance through data encryption enhancements.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core or compatible CPU
  • RAM: 2 GB minimum, 4 GB recommended for best performance
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB free space for installation, additional space needed for templates and labeling files
  • Display: 1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor

Software Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher, Windows 7 SP1 or higher
  • .NET Framework: Version 4.5 is required
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or higher for label designer web printing
  • Database: MS SQL Server, MySQL or Access for database connections
  • Other: Microsoft Office 2016 or 365 for Excel

Bartender 11.5.6 crack free download version 2023

Bartender 11.5.6 crack free download version 2023

How to install?

  1. Download the Bartender installation file from the official website, DownloadWindowsSoft or insert the installer DVD.

  2. Run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. Accept the serial agreement when prompted.

  4. Select the destination folder for Bartender, the default is C:\Program Files\Seagull Scientific.

  5. Allow the installation wizard to complete the installation process.

How Crack with product key?

How Crack with product key?

Crack Bartender with serial key is very easy. Just download files by the link at the end of the article. There you will find the bartender key (the name of this file will be the bartender activation key. Run this file on your computer, the program will install the bartender serial key and all product information. 

How to use product key?

Basic functions

Label Design

  • Easy drag-and-drop interface to quickly design labels, barcodes, cards, RFID tags.
  • Insert desired elements like text, images, lines, shapes.
  • Add required barcode symbologies like UPC, QR code, GS1-128.
  • Apply formatting to objects using different fonts, colors, styles.
  • Support for variable fields to add database-driven content.


  • Print labels directly to supported desktop or industrial printers.
  • Configure printer settings like page size, orientation, darkness etc.
  • Manage different printer drivers and ports for networked printers.
  • Schedule print jobs or print using hot folders for automation.

Template Management

  • Save label templates into Bartender’s System Database.
  • Categorize and organize templates for easy search and retrieval.
  • Set template-level permissions for sharing and security.
  • Reuse templates across the enterprise to ensure consistency.

System Integration

  • Import data from databases, Excel, CSV into label templates.
  • Integrate with backend apps like SAP using barcode web printing.
  • Develop custom solutions using Bartender’s SDK and COM/DCOM APIs.

Product activation method

Bartender barcode software uses the following methods for product activation:

License Key Activation

  • Each Bartender purchase comes with a serial key provided on the sales receipt or email.
  • During software installation, you are prompted to enter the serial key to activate.
  • The key contains encrypted data to verify it is valid and unlock the edition purchased.
  • Internet connection is required for verification of key to Seagull Scientific servers.
  • Once activated, the software can be used as per the terms.

Trial Seri Activation

  • User can get a 30-day free trial from Seagull Scientific’s website.
  • This allows full use of software during the trial period.
  • On first launch, you can enter trial serial key to activate all features.
  • No need to enter credit card or contact details to get trial bartender license key.
  • Before trial expires, you need to purchase and enter a full key.

Offline Activation

  • For systems without internet access, manual offline activation is supported.
  • You will need to contact Seagull Scientific support to get a confirmation file.
  • The confirmation file can then be loaded in Bartender to complete activation.

Activation keys

Full serial Example:


Trial License Example:


Legacy key Example:


How to get activation code for full crack product?

Offline Activation Example:

BART-OFFLINE-18346JF – CONFIRM bartender free download


  • NiceLabel – Powerful labeling software with cloud-based and on-premise options. Integrates with ERPs, databases, and printers.
  • LabelVIEW – Lower cost basic labeling software for small businesses. Limited feature set.
  • TAL Technologies – Specialized pharmacy labeling software with focus on regulatory compliance.
  • Loftware – Enterprise labeling solution with global print management and WMS integration.
  • TEKLYNX – Solutions for barcode label design, enterprise label management, and automation.
  • Adobe InDesign – Flexible print and layout design software that can be used for labeling.
  • Microsoft Word – Basic option to design and print simple labels using mail merge and templates.
  • Open-source solutions like gLabels and Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript.


In conclusion, bartenders play a crucial role in the bar industry, and the use of technology has greatly enhanced their efficiency. The barcode menu bar is a fantastic software solution that can be accessed for free download and helps streamline the bartending process. The software automatically converts data into patterns of lines known as bar codes, which can be easily scanned by buyers and sellers. This automation suite is available for both Windows OS and Mac, making it accessible to a wide range of users. It also has a hidden information standard edition, which can be used to protect sensitive data. By using this software, bartenders can have a centralized and automatic bar that assists them in their daily tasks. The streamline software solution not only makes the bartending process more efficient but also ensures that the data is accurately recorded and organized. Overall, the bartender’s job becomes much easier and more streamlined with the use of technology.

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  • What is Bartender software?
    • Bartender software is an application that has been created to design and print labels, barcodes, and other plastic cards. It comes with a variety of features for composition and printing, along with security and management capabilities.
  • How is the 10.1 version different from 9.4?
    • Both 10.1 and 9.4 are versions of the Bartender software. However, 10.1 may come with more advanced features, improvements, and bug fixes than the 9.4 version.
  • Can I customize the bartender icon?
    • Yes, users can change the setting and hide the bartender icon. They can also lock the icon by setting specific preferences.
  • How does the barcode reader and creator work?
    • The software has an integrated barcode reader and creator which helps in barcode generation, ensuring every product in the system gets its unique barcode numbers. This assists in data to be read efficiently by a barcode scanner.
  • Is it possible to insert and edit images in the software?
    • Absolutely! Users can insert images and change their format and colors according to their needs. They can also change the setting to hide certain images or adjust their appearance.
  • I heard there’s a feature about notifications. Can you elaborate?
    • Sure! Bartender software allows the user to change the setting and hide the notification, ensuring that no one gets unwanted alerts. This adds an extra layer of security and protects the data.
  • Can I create labels and bar codes from excel files?
    • Yes, the software supports unicode text and excel files, allowing easy barcode generation, label creation, and barcode printing from various data sources.
App Name
Seagull Scientific Systems, Inc
Latest Version
Nov 27, 2023
232 MB
Windows 7/8/10/11

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