Custom Resolution Utility Free Download for Windows and Review Software [2024]

About Custom Resolution Utility 

As a software specialist, you may be familiar with the challenges of optimizing graphic resolutions on various systems. However, Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) offers an innovative solution to this common issue. By downloading Custom Resolution Utility, users can effectively manipulate their NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards to add custom screen resolutions, detailed resolutions, and even EDID overrides. 

With the latest version 1.5.2, this software allows for the creation of higher resolutions that may not be available through standard control panels or Windows settings. Additionally, CRU enables users to scale refresh rates and add new resolutions for their monitors, whether they are running Windows 10, Windows 8, or older operating systems.

Whether you need to lower resolutions for specific applications or push the boundaries of monitor resolutions, CRU provides a comprehensive solution for GPU customization. 

About Custom Resolution Utility 

Technical characteristics

  • Provides fine-grained timing controls for pixel clocks, horizontal/vertical active pixels, polarity, etc.
  • Gives ability to reduce blanking intervals to optimize high refresh rate performance
  • Includes useful utilities for backing up, validating, and restoring display EDID data
  • Advanced features like custom aspect ratio and interlaced resolution support
  • Command line interface for integration into scripts and other programs requiring resolution modifications
Technical characteristics

What are Custom Resolution Utility key features?


  • Smoother Workflow: Once configured profiles are saved, modes optimized for specific applications or use cases can be set up rapidly when needed.
  • Productivity Gains: Aspect ratios, resolutions, and multimon configurations tailored for tasks like coding, editing, or business uses can improve workflows.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: CRU can help expose and configure missing or undetected display modes to improve multi-monitor behavior across mismatched displays.
  • Diagnostics Capabilities: The ability to validate and edit EDID information aids troubleshooting display or graphics issues.


  • Compatibility Constraints: Being able to leverage custom timings still depends on underlying hardware capabilities, so options may be limited on older displays or GPUs.
  • Manual Maintenance: Profiles may need updating whenever graphics drivers or monitor firmware get updated to ensure custom modes still function properly.
  • Lack of Support: If problems arise from pushing hardware beyond specifications, there is no official support channel to help recover faulty configurations.
What are Custom Resolution Utility key features?

Custom Resolution Utility System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • CPU: No minimum CPU requirements
  • RAM: 6GB RAM
  • GPU: NVIDIA, AMD or Intel graphics card required

How To Install Custom Resolution Utility 

  1. Unpack the Zip File: 

    Extract the downloaded CRU zip file contents to a convenient location like your desktop or downloads folder.

  2. Launch the Setup File: 

    Double-click on ‘CRU.exe’ from the unzipped folder to launch the CRU installer.

  3. Enter License Key: 

    When prompted on the third page of the setup wizard, input your purchased retail CRU license key and click ‘Next’.

  4. Install CRU: 

    Confirm the destination location for program files and click “Install” to finish the main setup.

  5. Reboot the System: 

    Once setup completes, reboot your PC for CRU to fully activate and initialize display communication.

How To Install Custom Resolution Utility 

Alternatives to Custom Resolution Utility 

  • Custom Screen Resolution Manager: Basic program focused exclusively on creating custom display modes rather than advanced timing adjustments.
  • Resolution Changer: Very simple resolution tweaking tool for Windows. Lacks advanced features of CRU but easy to use.
  • Graphics Card Control Panel: Graphics card control panels allow limited non-standard resolution settings on respective GPU brands only.
Alternatives to Custom Resolution Utility 

What’s new in Custom Resolution Utility?

As a software specialist, I’m excited to announce the release of Custom Resolution Utility 1.5.2. This latest version of the free software provides users with the ability to create custom resolutions and refresh rates for their monitors. With the new extension block feature, higher resolutions won’t be scaled, allowing for a more native resolution experience.

The utility now also allows custom resolutions to be defined for Intel GPUs, making it easier for users to increase the resolution on their Windows 8 and 7 systems. Additionally, the software now supports CRT monitors and provides a way to add custom resolutions in recovery mode.

Users can now easily add resolutions in their display settings and adjust timing parameters to ensure the best screen resolution for their specific monitor. 

What’s new in Custom Resolution Utility?


Q: Is creating resolutions with CRU safe? 

A: Using any tool to exceed vendor specifications has risks, so monitor for system stability issues and reduce settings if problems occur. Always create an EDID backup first for recovery.

Q: Do I need programming skills to use CRU?

A: No programming experience is required, but understanding technical monitor terms like pixel clocks, sync polarity, blanking intervals helps properly tune custom video modes.

Q: Can I damage my monitor by adding too high of a mode? 

A: It’s unlikely creating excess resolutions can cause permanent damage, but signal loss, black screens, or temporary frozen outputs are possible if settings exceed device capabilities.

Can I damage my monitor by adding too high of a mode? 


As a software specialist, our research has shown that Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) is a valuable tool for creating custom resolutions for your Windows monitor. It gives users the power to change scaled resolutions and create custom profiles for their monitors, including NVIDIA GPUs.

By creating EDID overrides directly in the registry without dealing with complex settings, CRU makes it easier to add new monitor resolutions that your current hardware can handle. This utility is free and safe to use, making it a popular choice for those looking to tweak their display settings.

CRU is especially useful for those who want to add horizontal and vertical resolutions that are not available by default. After thorough examination, it is evident that CRU is a useful and reliable software for anyone wanting to customize their monitor resolutions. 

App Name
Custom Resolution Utility
Latest Version
Jan 27, 2024
11 MB
Windows (7/10/11)
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