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Microsoft Excel 2013 for PC provides strong capabilities for creating spreadsheets and processing databases. It has been enhanced compared to previous versions of Microsoft Office, particularly MS Excel 2010, and quickly became the preferred program. The Windows version of Microsoft Excel 2013 free download offers advantages such as the ability to insert internet images, automatically create pivot tables, receive detailed error notifications, benefit from a user-friendly interface, and receive suggestions on data presentation. With Microsoft Excel 2013 download for pc even possible to download images from the internet through web services connected to a Microsoft account when using the MS Excel 2013 software.

What is Microsoft Excel 2013?

 Microsoft Excel 2013 is an enhanced iteration product of Excel free within Microsoft Office 2013, offering robust spreadsheet and database processing tools.
Considered the most powerful application within Office 2013, Excel has long been a driver for businesses to invest in the software. Unlocking the full potential of this application requires a deep understanding, as there are numerous hidden possibilities. Unlike its predecessors, which were notoriously difficult to navigate, Excel 2013 represents a significant improvement. The objective was to enhance usability without sacrificing functionality, although further improvements in ease of use are still attainable. Nonetheless, this version represents a positive step forward.

What is Microsoft Excel 2013?

You can free download Microsoft Excel 2013 gratis the 64-bit version of Microsoft corporation apps from our site DownloadWindowsSoft, without any hassle.

Technical Characteristics Excel 2013

The Technical characteristics of Excel 2013 download for Windows 10 are more or less the same as other Microsoft office 365.

  • Category                     Office Suites
  • Program                       license Paid
  • Version                          2021
  • Works under:              Windows 10
  • Program                       available in English
  • Program by                  Microsoft

 Features Microsoft Excel 2013

Download Microsoft Excel 2013 free includes all the essential functions found in spreadsheets.

 Features Microsoft Excel 2013
  • It uses a grid system of numbered rows and letter-named columns to organize data calculations, such as arithmetic operations. You can edit spreadsheets, sort into columns, 
  • Download Excel 2013 free provides a range of functions to meet statistical, engineering, and financial requirements.
  • It can also display data in different formats, such as line graphs, histograms, and charts, with a limited three-dimensional graphical display option.
  • Additionally, users can analyze data by sectioning it and examining its dependencies on various factors, using features like pivot tables and the scenario manager. 
  • PivotTables are tools used for data analysis, simplifying large data sets through the use of specific fields.
  • Excel also allows for programming using Visual Basic for Applications, enabling users to apply numerical methods, such as solving differential equations in mathematical physics, and then exporting the results to the spreadsheet. 
  • All the sheets can be added to other software as well such as Powerpoint or documents.

Advantages Microsoft Excel 2013

Advantages Microsoft Excel 2013

Storing data in this office program is a simple task as there are no restrictions on the amount of data that can be stored. It can be utilized on a single computer or multiple devices.
Discover the upgraded edition free download Microsoft Excel 2013 and conveniently keep all of your data in a single location without any trouble.
The spreadsheet feature to download MS Excel 2013 is protected by a password and the chances of data loss are significantly lower compared to other applications.
Performing calculations in the most recent version of Excel 2013 free download for Windows 7 is simpler and faster. Microsoft Word is another program offered by this suite to efficiently organize work.

 Disadvantages Microsoft Excel 2013

 Disadvantages Microsoft Excel 2013

If you have knowledge of Excel, you are aware that this software also has certain drawbacks. It should be noted that Excel 2010 was phased out and replaced with a newer version in 2020. Whether utilized for personal or business purposes, Microsoft Excel is not suitable for collaborative projects. The activation process free download Excel 2013 is not conducive for agile business needs. This spreadsheet application is susceptible to mistakes caused by human error. In the context of Windows 10, integrating and combining data in this program can be challenging. Making prompt decisions is difficult when relying on Excel.

Version of Microsoft Excel 2013

Excel 2.0, released in 1987, was labeled “2” to align with the Mac version. The announcement was made on October 6 and it was available to the public on November 19. This version of Excel included a Windows run-time version.
In 1989, BYTE magazine recognized Excel for Windows as one of the winners in the “Distinction” category of the BYTE Awards. The magazine praised the Windows OS version for successfully carrying over the impressive features of the Macintosh version and creating a user interface that was on par with or even better than the original.
Excel 3.0, launched in 1990, brought various new features such as toolbars, drawing abilities, outlining, support for add-ins, 3D charts, and many more.
Auto-fill functionality was introduced with Excel 4.0 in 1992. Additionally, a hidden animation was included in this version where a set of numbers 1 through 3, representing Lotus 1-2-3, danced on the screen before being crushed by the Excel logo.

Version of Microsoft Excel 2013

Other Latest Versions are Excel 5.0, 95,97,2000, 2002, 2010

How to Download and Install Microsoft Excel 2013

Free Excel 2013 download and install consist of some simple steps. This software can be downloaded as Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows or for IOS. So, how to download Excel 2013 for free? Following steps are for the Excel 2013 download free for Windows PC.

  1. Click on the direct link and download Microsoft Excel 2013 free.

  2. Follow the instructions appearing on your screen while installing the Excel download 2013 file.

  3. When the installation is complete, open it by clicking on the icon

  4. Your software is perfect for use.

  5. In some systems, different link is required for different windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8 or 10.

How to Download and Install Microsoft Excel 2013


Q: What is the definition of Microsoft Excel?

A: Microsoft Excel is a software application used for creating spreadsheets, which organizes data into tables and provides a more organized view of information.

Q: What are the main features of Microsoft Excel 2013 download?

A: The primary functionalities of this program include the ability to insert pivot tables, sort data within tables, and perform calculations on large sets of data.

Q: What are the commonly used formulas in this software?

A: Some frequently used calculations that can be performed using this software are addition, subtraction, calculating averages, finding the maximum and minimum values, and counting.

Q; What is a cell in Microsoft Excel?

A: In Microsoft Excel, a cell refers to a rectangular box located at the intersection of rows and columns within a table. It serves as the fundamental unit where data can be entered and manipulated.

Alternative programs MS Excel

Alternative programs MS Excel

Until recently, there was no software that could rival it. However, Google Sheets is expanding with its improved collaboration features. Google Sheets enables multiple users to edit a sheet at the same time and with ease, unlike Microsoft Office Excel which lacks this functionality. Another significant distinction is that Google Sheets is offered without any cost. The younger generation is increasingly transitioning to Google Sheets, while older, more conventional generations prefer Microsoft 365 plans.

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