IceCream Screen Recorder Pro 7.33 Crack + License Key Download Free [Activation Key 2023]

What is IceCream Screen Recorder?

As a software specialist, I recently had the opportunity to test out the IceCream Screen Recorder, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. This powerful tool is perfect for anyone in need of screen recording capabilities, whether it’s for creating software tutorials, recording Skype calls, or capturing gameplay footage.

According to our experience, IceCream Screen Recorder is a reliable and user-friendly software that allows users to record their entire screen, capture screenshots, add text and even hide the cursor if needed. The software also offers the option to record audio, either from the microphone or system audio, perfect for webinars or creating video presentations. 

With features such as hotkeys for quick and easy control, the ability to record in various file formats such as jpg and png, as well as the option to enable a watermark, IceCream Screen Recorder is a versatile tool for all your screen recording needs. 

What is IceCream Screen Recorder?

Technical characteristics

  • Allows scheduling of recording times as well as automated startup triggering
  • Features keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and adjustable hot zones to start, stop, pause captures
  • Enables webcam picture-in-picture inlays via chroma key compositing
  • Implements screen drawing functions during recording and in post via built-in editor
  • Has capabilities to record multi-monitor arrangements and rotate final image
Technical characteristics

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  • Annotate videos with drawings, text, stickers during or after recording
  • Customize resolution, frame rates, output formats
  • Schedule recordings or trigger with hotkeys
  • Picture-in-picture webcam overlay capability
  • Chroma key green screen background settings


  • Fewer post-processing effects than dedicated video editors
  • Certain niche codec support missing
  • OpenGL recording can reduce performance on older hardware
  • Must start new project for each separate recording

What’s new

This update includes the ability to use a crack to unlock the full features of the icecream screen recorder, allowing users to record videos without any limitations. 

With the icecream screen recorder pro crack, users now have the option to take screenshots and record audio directly from their desktop. Additionally, the new version enables users to record not only the screen but also the clipboard, enabling seamless integration between different media.

The icon for the software has also been updated, making it easier for users to access the recording features. Whether you need to record your desktop, take screenshots, or capture audio, the latest version of IceCream Screen Recorder allows you to do it all with just a click of a button. 

What's new

System Requirements IceCream Screen Recorder product key

  • Intel Core i3 7th gen or equivalent
  • Discrete GPU from NVIDIA or AMD
  • 8GB RAM
  • SSD with 10GB free space

How to install IceCream Screen Recorder Pro 7.33 with license key?

  1. Double click the downloaded installation file to start the installation process.
  2. Select the components you wish to install on your system. It’s recommended to install all components.
  3. When prompted, enter your license key and click “Activate” to register the software.
  4. Click “Next” and then “Install” to begin the installation process. This may take a few minutes.
  5. Once the installation is complete, the IceCream Screen Recorder shortcut will appear on your desktop. You can launch the software and start using its features.
How to install IceCream Screen Recorder Pro 7.33 with license key?

Activation keys

  • E1S9G-EVVV4-BA04O-2I0LS
Activation keys


  1. ShareX – Free and open source program that lets you capture screenshots, record screen and upload to various destinations. Has annotations and editing options.
  2. Camtasia – Powerful premium software for high quality video recording and editing. Ideal for creating tutorials, product demos and presentations.
  3. TinyTake – Lightweight and easy to use basic screen recorder. Has options to draw, highlight etc over videos. Free and paid versions available.
  4. Screencast-O-Matic – Allows uploading videos to share online. Free version has watermark while paid version has more features.


Q: Does IceCream Screen Recorder work on both Windows and Mac?

A: No, IceCream Screen Recorder only works on Windows operating systems from Windows 7 onwards. It is not available for macOS.

Q: Is there a limitation on video recording duration?

A: Yes, the free version allows recording up to 5 minutes per video. To record longer videos without any limits, you need to purchase the Pro version.

Q: Can I edit the recordings made with this software?

A: Yes, it has basic video editing options under the Edit tab allowing trimming video, cropping, effects, text captions etc. For advanced options, you can export video to another editor.

Conclusion – Download IceCream Screen Recorder Crack

 As a software specialist, I have extensively used Ice cream Screen Recorder and have concluded that it is a highly effective tool for screen recording. The serial key and crack allow for seamless activation and use of the software, and the ability to capture screenshots and enable audio recording makes it a comprehensive solution for all recording needs.

Conclusion - Download IceCream Screen Recorder Crack

The software enables you to record not only your screen but also audio, giving you the option to capture both visual and auditory elements of any online activity. The flexibility and user-friendly interface of Icecream Screen Recorder make it a valuable asset for professionals and casual users alike.

The serial key and crack provide access to the full range of features, and the ability to not only record but also be recorded makes it a versatile tool for various recording needs. 

App Name
Icecream Screen
Latest Version
Mar 1, 2024
10 MB
Windows (7/10/11)
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