IObit Malware Fighter Pro 10 Free License

About IObit Malware Fighter Pro 10

IObit Malware Fighter 10 Pro is a comprehensive security and anti-malware program designed to protect PCs from viruses, ransomware, spyware, adware, keyloggers, worms, and other threats. It features multi-layered detection including signature-based scanning, heuristic analysis, and cloud-based lookups to identify the latest threats. 

Real-time protection constantly monitors processes, files, and Registry for suspicious activity. The software also provides USB drive protection, browser anti-tracking, camera guard, and anti-ransomware vaccine for proactive defense. With the Pro version, users get automated background scans, faster threat removal, and priority customer support.

While free antivirus software is available, IObit Malware Fighter 10 Pro license key provides more robust protection and additional utility features like file shredding and privacy cleanup to keep systems optimized for performance.

About IObit Malware Fighter Pro 10

Technical characteristics

  • Performs real-time scanning of processes, files, and registry to monitor for suspicious activity indicative of malware.
  • Includes USB immunization to detect threats trying to spread via removable drives.
  • Provides proactive protection against ransomware through anti-ransomware vaccine feature.
  • Automatically scans the system in the background on a periodic basis to detect dormant threats.

What are IObit 10 key features?

Advantages of Malware Fighter 10 Pro License

  • Robust multi-engine protection against all types of malware threats including viruses, worms, spyware, adware, ransomware, keyloggers, and more.
  • Real-time scanning provides constant monitoring and early detection of malware activity.
  • Heuristic analysis identifies emerging and undisclosed malware based on suspicious behavior.

Disadvantages of Malware Fighter 10 Pro Free

  • Currently lacks some advanced features found in top antivirus programs like firewall, parental controls, VPN, password manager etc.
  • Having multiple protection engines can impact system performance more than antivirus with one optimized engine.
  • Proactive ransomware protection may occasionally block legitimate programs incorrectly flagged as ransomware.
Disadvantages of Malware Fighter 10 Pro Free

IObit 10 System Requirements

  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (SP3 or later).
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.
  • RAM: For Windows 10/8/7/Vista (32-bit) – 1GB RAM required
  • Disk Space: For installation: Minimum 800 MB free disk space

How to Free Download IObit 10 Full Version

  1. Click the download button and select “Save File” when prompted. Choose a convenient download location like Desktop.
  2. Once the setup file is downloaded, navigate to the location and double click on the .exe file to start installation.
  3. Follow the on-screen setup prompts. Make sure to uncheck the box to decline any additional software offers. Leave the box checked to agree to the EULA and Privacy Policy.
  4. On the registration page, enter any valid email address and click “Register Now” to activate the full version. No license key or payment is required.
How to Free Download IObit 10 Full Version

How To Install IObit 10

  1. Double click the .exe setup file to launch the installer.

  2. Read and accept the License Agreement and Privacy Policy then click “Next” to proceed.

  3. Select a destination folder to install the program files or keep default. Check “Create Desktop Icon” if desired.

  4. Wait for the installation process to complete. This may take several minutes.

  5. When prompted, check “Enable Protect” to launch real-time protection. Click “Finish” to complete.

How To Install IObit 10

How To Activated IObit 10

  1. Launch the program. On first run, it will prompt you to update the malware definitions. Allow it to update.
  2. After the update completes, you will be taken to the Registration screen.
  3. On the Registration screen, enter any valid email address of your choice.
  4. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service.
How To Activated IObit 10

IObit 10 Activation Key 2023

  • DA8AA-8993E-03AC8-7593N
  • 75B1E-4166B-B7A11-9E43N
  • 367E7-1665C-3B905-9983N
  • 955A0-8C286-B5085-3743N
  • 6D4A5-B0BA6-8079A-FC13N

Alternatives to IObit

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – Offers excellent malware protection and additional features like VPN, firewall, parental controls, password manager.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus – Strong on detecting viruses, trojans, worms, spyware. Light on system resources.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe – Very effective against viruses and ransomware. Comes with PC cloud backup and LifeLock identity theft protection.
Alternatives to IObit

What’s new in IObit 10?

  • Faster scanning engine provides up to 57% quicker scan speed for quicker threat removal.
  • Enhanced malware detection rate with addition of an advanced Cloud Security engine.
  • New privacy features including Webcam Guard, Microphone Guard and Anti-Tracking.


Q: What types of malware does IObit Malware Fighter Pro protect against?

A: It protects against a full range of malware threats including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, ransomware, keyloggers, bots, and more.

Q: Does it slow down my computer while providing protection?

A: No, IObit is optimized for low system resource usage. The scans and background protection shouldn’t slow down your PC.

Q: What extra features come with the Pro version?

A: Pro version includes added protection like webcam guard, privacy cleaner, uninstaller, larger threat database, automatic updates, and faster threat removal and support.


 After analyzing all the features and functions of IObit Malware Fighter Pro 10 key free 1 year license code, it can be concluded that it is a powerful and reliable antivirus software. The software provides a range of functionalities including malware removal, prevention of unauthorized access, and safeguarding important files in the safe box.

What’s new in IObit 10?

With the pro license key, users can enjoy the benefits of the pro version, such as the iobit anti-ransomware engine. Additionally, users can activate IObit Malware Fighter 10 Pro serial key for free through giveaways or by using the pro crack. 

This allows them to have access to all the advanced features and tools without a time limit. Overall, IObit Malware Fighter Pro is a recommended antivirus solution for those seeking comprehensive protection against malware threats. 

App Name
IObit Malware Fighter Pro 10
Latest Version
Nov 23, 2023
800 MB
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

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  1. Wow, I just discovered IObit Malware Fighter Pro 10 and it’s absolutely mind-blowing! This free software for Windows is a total game-changer when it comes to protecting my computer from malware. I can’t believe how easy it was to download and set up. I feel like a tech genius now! Thank you, IObit, for creating such an awesome program and saving me from those nasty viruses. I can finally browse the internet without any worries. Get it now, people, you won’t regret it!

  2. IObit Malware Fighter Pro 10 is a great software to protect your Windows computer. It is available for free download and provides excellent security against malware. Give it a try and keep your system safe!

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