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About IObit Software Updater

IObit Software Updater is a useful utility that helps me keep all my installed software up-to-date. Its simple interface shows me available updates for my programs and allows me to download and install them with just a few clicks. I like that it not only checks for updates for common software like web browsers, media players, etc. but also for niche programs and PC utilities. The portable version means no installation is required.

Scheduled scans ensure my apps are regularly checked for the newest versions. IObit Software Updater even detects currently running programs to update them without needing to close them first. Useful features include the ability to ignore certain updates and select which programs to inspect. 

Overall, I find IObit Software Updater to be an essential tool for protecting my PC against vulnerabilities by proactively updating the software I use to the latest available versions. I would recommend it to any Windows OS user.

Technical characteristics

  • Lightweight installation around 15MB
  • Auto-detects and scans over 250 installed software programs
  • Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit system architecture
  • Ability to select custom software to inspect or ignore

What are IObit 4 key features?

Advantages of IObit 4

  • Ensures software is kept up-to-date and vulnerability-free.
  • With just one click, IObit Software Updater can automatically update your safe and clean software to the newest version.
  • By automatically installing the latest releases, IObit helps protect against exploits from attackers even malware.
  • Able to detect updates for common and lesser known niche software.
  • The software will reduce vulnerabilities by keeping everything up-to-date with safe and clean updates.
  • IObit helps update popular software and work tools such as TeamViewer in real time.

Disadvantages of IObit 4

  • It only updates software from IObit and some select software partners. It does not cover all software on your system like Windows Update or general updaters. So you may still miss updates for other programs.
  • Some users report it repeatedly prompts to install the same update, which can be annoying.
  • It promotes and installs other IObit software which you may not want. Some users see this as bundled adware.
About IObit Software Updater

IObit 4 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).
  • CPU: 1GHz or faster processor.
  • RAM: At least 512MB RAM for Windows XP, 1GB RAM for Windows Vista and 7 
  • Disk Space: At least 200MB free space.
IObit 4 System Requirements

How To Install IObit 4

  1. Run the downloaded installer file and click through the setup wizard, accepting the license agreement and selecting installation options.
  2. The installation wizard will guide you to select a destination folder to install IObit Software Updater files and configure any options.
  3. Once installation is complete, IObit Software Updater will launch. You may be prompted to reboot your computer to finalize installation.
  4. When launched, IObit will automatically check for any available software updates for programs installed on your computer. Review and select any updates you wish to install and click update.
IObit 4 Activation Key 2023

How To Activated IObit 4

  1. Step

    Download and install IObit Software Updater new version on your computer if you haven’t already.

  2. Step

    Launch IObit Software Updater and click on the “Settings” icon in the top right.

  3. Step

    In the Settings window, click on the “Register” tab.

  4. Step

    Enter your licensed email address and the license key you purchased.

  5. Step

    Click “Activate” to verify and activate the license key with IObit’s servers.

IObit 4 Activation Key 2023

  • 9OF74-74I38-T6ADA
  • SB8E1-D46A8-EAELQ
  • FL6TR-8D515-1BK29
  • 15QR3-8B95M-Q5BS3

Alternatives to IObit

  • Windows Update – The built-in Windows updater for Microsoft updates. Free and automatically enabled on Windows PCs.
  • Secunia PSI – Inspects for updates across many programs. Free personal version available.
  • FileHippo AppManager – Free app manager that inspects and updates common programs.
How To Install IObit 4

What’s new in IObit 4?

  • Faster update check engine – Up to 200% faster update your software checking.
  • Larger software database – Expanded database also supports updating over 3,500,000 software programs. 
  • Improved UI – Cleaner and more intuitive user interface.
  • Update Plan – Customizable schedule for auto updates per program.
What’s new in IObit 4?


Q: What does IObit Software Updater do?

A: IObit Software Updater is a program that helps you keep all the software on your computer up-to-date by checking, and installing available updates.

Q: Is IObit Software Updater free?

A: There is a free trial version of IObit Updater available for download and use with limited features. The full Pro version requires purchasing a license subscription after the trial expires.

Q: How does IObit Updater know what software I have installed?

A: When installed, IObit Updater inspects your computer to build a database of all supported software programs you have set up. It then cross-checks this against their online database of latest version numbers to see what needs updating.


IObit Software Updater is a one-click tool that helps you keep your software up to date. It ensures that you are not using outdated software which could pose a security risk. The software updater automatically scans your system and identifies any outdated applications. It then provides a safe and clean way to update them to their latest versions.

Technical characteristics

This not only helps reduce the risk of cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities in your software but also enhances the productivity of popular applications like Skype, Zoom, and GoToMeeting. The application includes additional tools such as TeamViewer, which can help you work from home efficiently.

With real-time updates and strict updating policies, you can trust IObit Software Updater to meet your daily needs and optimize your software with new features. Remember to download the software from the official website to avoid any confusion or additional bundles including malware. 

App Name
IObit Software Updater 4
IObit Information Technology
Latest Version
Nov 23, 2023
20 MB
Windows 7/8/10/11

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