KMSAuto++ 1.7.5 Multilingual Free Download Activator for Windows

What is KMSAuto++ 1.7.5? [Overview]

As a software specialist, I recently had the opportunity to test out the KMSAuto ++ 1.7.5 tool for program activation. Based on our experience, KMSAuto++ 1.7.5 Multilingual is highly effective in activating various versions of Windows and Office, including Office 2010 VL on Windows, the latest 2010 VL on Windows XP, and Office 2016. Additionally, according to our experience, KMSAuto 1.7.5 multilingual also has the capability to activate Office 2010 VL, as well as Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

KMSAuto ++ 1.7.5 is designed to work with Microsoft Windows VL editions, including 8, 8.1, 10, and 2012 R2. KMS Auto 1.7.5 provides access to the software, even bypassing Windows Defender and firewall limitations on certain operating systems like Vista and 2013.

In our trial of this tool, we found that KMS Auto latest version successfully bypasses any restrictions and effectively license the specified programs, making it a valuable tool for any app specialist or individual looking to seamlessly get license to their applications. 

Technical characteristics

  • KMSAuto++ 1.7.9 Multilingual emulates a local KMS licensing server to trick software into activating.
  • Supports activating Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, Office 2019, Office 2021, Office 365 and other MS server apps.
  • Implements advanced KMS protocol exploitation including KMS V6 and V10 emulation.
Technical characteristics

Features of KMSAuto ++ 1.7.5


  • Fully automates process Windows 7 KMS activation in the background without requiring user intervention.
  • Advanced KMSAuto latest version emulation reliably tricks MS servers for activation. 
  • Does not make permanent licensing changes or cracks during win7 activation 1.7
  • Available completely free of cost unlike official licensing options. Zero financial investment needed.


  • Advanced users and networks may detect KMSAuto++ 1.7.8 multilingual emulation and block license attempts.
  • Lacks official support channels in case of problems during or after getting license KMSAuto Office 365.
  • Requires some technical knowledge for troubleshooting Windows 10 activation KMS errors or issues.
  • Developers could stop updating it if threatened legally, leaving it incompatible with new versions.
Features of KMSAuto ++ 1.7.5

What’s new

As a software specialist, I am always on the lookout for the latest updates and features in activation tools for Windows and Office. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the new KMSAuto++ 1.7.5, and based on our experience, I have some exciting news to share. 

One of the most notable updates in KMSAuto++ 1.7.5 is the enhanced support for Windows and Office editions, including Office 2010 VL on Windows and the latest 2010 VL on Windows XP. The program activation file has also been updated to accommodate new releases such as Windows 8 and 2019, as well as the ability to activate Office tools for 2016 and even Office 2010 VL on server 2008 and 2008 R2.

Additionally, the latest version includes switches that provide access to Microsoft Windows VL editions such as 8.1 and 2012 R2. With these new updates, KMSAuto++ 1.7.5 continues to be a reliable and efficient tool for activating Windows and Office. 

What's new

System Requirements KMSAuto++ 1.7.5 Multilingual

  • Works on Windows operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures supported.
  • Requires .NET Framework 4.0 or later to be installed for full functionality KMS Auto Windows 11.
  • Recommended minimum of 1 GHz CPU clock speed and 1GB RAM for smooth performance.
  • Hard drive space of at least 50MB free for installation.
System Requirements KMSAuto++ 1.7.5 Multilingual

How to download KMSAuto++ 1.7.5

How to install 

  1. Step

    Run the downloaded executable and click through the setup wizard accepting defaults.

  2. Step

    The tool will be in C:\Program Files\KMSAuto Net by default.

  3. Step

    Wait for the automatic activation process to finish in the background. System will restart during activation.

  4. Step

    Activated MS products can now be used with valid licenses. Re-activation may be required every 180 days.


  • RemoveWAT – Utility for permanently activating Windows 7 by removing license requirements.
  • HWIDGEN – Tool to generate KMS client hardware hashes for online activation.
  • Auto KMS – Open source alternative to KMSAuto++ for Windows and Office.
  • KMSpico – Renamed version of KMSPico with the same functionality via KMS protocol.
How to download KMSAuto++ 1.7.5


Q: What Microsoft products can it activate?

A: KMSAuto++ can activate Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 11. It also supports Office 2010 to Office 2021, as well as some Server editions. Check their forum for the latest compatibility info.

Q: Does KMS Auto Windows 11 require an internet connection?

A: The online activation method requires internet access to reach emulated KMS servers. But offline activation is available if you cannot connect to the internet.

Q: How often do I need to reactivate products?

A: License lasts 180 days normally before needing renewal. You can use the auto renewal feature or manually reactivate after this period.


After conducting experiments with it and through our knowledge gained from practicing it, our research has shown that KMSAuto ++ 1.7.5 switches provide access to the full version of the kms-activator, including those activated. The firewall does not prohibit connections to your kms-service, and activation fails 0xc004f074 link antivirus keys are installed.

It is important to note that setting the firewall to disable or turn it off forcibly may be of interest. However, it is also crucial to be cautious when doing so, as it may open up the system to potential security risks.

In conclusion, while KMSAuto ++ 1.7.5 can be a useful tool for activating various Microsoft products, it is essential to use it responsibly and be mindful of potential complications, such as firewall restrictions and antivirus settings. 

App Name
KMSAuto++ 1.7.5 Multilingual
Latest Version
Dec 19, 2023
89 MB
Windows (7/10/11)
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