MiniTool Power Data Recovery Crack Full Version Download [2023]

About MiniTool Power Data Recovery

As an IT specialist, I understand the importance of having reliable data recovery software in case of accidental deletion or a hard drive format. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a free software product that offers a serial license to recover lost data from hard drives, partitions, and even memory cards. During our trial of this product, we found it to be a valuable tool for recovering deleted files, whether they were lost due to accidental deletion or a virus attack.

With its easy-to-use interface and the ability to perform a deep scan, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can retrieve various file types from a range of digital media.

The software is available for free download and provides a serial key for activation. In our experience, this product proves to be a reliable solution for individuals and businesses using Windows servers, as it effectively recovers lost data from the recycle bin or after a hard disk format. 

About MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Technical characteristics

  • Advanced scanning algorithms deeply scan storage media and filesystem to locate recoverable data.
  • Filtered and preview recovery allows selectively choosing files to restore.
  • Retrieve over 250+ different file formats like photos, audio, video, emails, documents, archives and more.
  • Simple wizard-guided interface for intuitive recovery process, suitable for non-technical users.
Technical characteristics

What are MiniTool Power Data Recovery key features?

Advantages of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  • Robust Recovery: Advanced scanning algorithms and four separate modules allow higher data recovery success from different data loss situations.
  • Wide Device Compatibility: Supports recovery from all widely used storage devices and media like hard drives, USB drives, SD cards etc. Handles various RAID configurations as well.
  • Recovers Many File Types: Allows recovering over 250 different file formats covering documents, media, archives, emails and more.

Disadvantages of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  • Software Conflicts – Antivirus software or conflicts with other disk management tools may occasionally disrupt the data recovery process.
  • Connection Errors – Faulty connections, drivers, damaged ports/cables to storage media can prevent data access needed for recovery.
  • Raid Recovery Complexity – Though supported, RAID recovery involves rebuilding RAID arrays which can get technically complex for novices.
What are MiniTool Power Data Recovery key features?

MiniTool Power Data Recovery System Requirements

  • Operating System (OS): Supports all Windows OS from Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 to Windows 11. 
  • CPU: Works on both Intel and AMD processors. 
  • RAM: 4 GB or more RAM is highly recommended for better recovery speed
  • Hard Disk: At least 200 MB free space needed on the system drive or hard disk for installing the software. 
  • Graphics Card: No high-end GPU required as the tool isn’t graphics intensive. 

How To Install MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  1. Step

    Double click the downloaded .exe file and allow User Account Control (UAC) prompt.

  2. Step

    Select all the optional addons you wish to install like language packs, desktop shortcuts etc. and click “Next”.

  3. Step

    Now choose the custom install location on your system drive if you wish or directly click “Install” to use the default path.

  4. Step

    Once the installation is complete, launch the MiniTool application.

  5. Step

    Enter your purchased license key when prompted and click “Activate” to register and activate the full version of the software.

How To Install MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Activation keys for MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  • 167UD-Y0TIP-C63HK-Q7OJP

Alternatives to MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  1. Disk Drill – Data recovery functionality along with additional disk management utilities like backup, system cleaning etc.
  2. Recuva – Free data recovery option from Piriform optimized for quick & easy file recovery operations after accidental deletion or formatting.
  3. TestDisk & PhotoRec – Open source, free data recovery tools focusing on partition and undelete file recovery in basic interface.
  4. Lazesoft Windows Recovery – Specializes in recovering data loss due to system crashes, boot issues and memory problems in Windows OS.
Alternatives to MiniTool Power Data Recovery

What’s new in MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

As an IT specialist, I am excited to share the latest updates in MiniTool Power Data Recovery 11.7. The new version now includes improved authorization features to prevent unauthorized access and hacks, as well as a more streamlined registration process. This file recovery software and data recovery software has also been enhanced to provide better read-only file recovery capabilities, ensuring the safety and integrity of recovered files.

Furthermore, MiniTool Power Data Recovery 11.7 offers improved compatibility compared to the previous version 11.5, and even the free version of MiniTool Power Data Recovery has been updated with keygen free features.

This software continues to be a reliable tool to recover data from damaged or lost files, and the new 11.7 version makes it even easier to get your data back without the need for crack free or other free file recovery software. Let MiniTool Power Data Recovery help you recover your important files and data with ease. 

What’s new in MiniTool Power Data Recovery?


Q: What devices and file systems are supported?

A: It supports recovery from hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, SD cards, etc in Windows systems. Compatible file systems are FAT, NTFS, exFAT, Ext2/Ext3, HFS+ and ReFS.

Q: Does it work only on Windows OS?

A: Yes, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is fully optimized for file recovery on Windows platforms like Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. It does not have Mac or Linux versions.

Q: Can I recover my lost or deleted photos with MiniTool?

A: Yes, the Digital Media recovery module is designed specifically to recover lost or deleted media files like photos, videos, audio files and more from Windows systems.

Conclusion – Download Minitool Power Data Recovery Full Crack Version

Based on our experience as an IT specialist, when we tried out MiniTool Power Data Recovery 11.5, we found it to be a reliable read-only file recovery software. The free version of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a helpful tool for when data is lost unexpectedly, but the 11.5 full version provides even more comprehensive features to help you recover all data.

Conclusion - Download Minitool Power Data Recovery Full Crack Version

This includes damaged partition recovery, lost partition recovery, and the restoration of lost or deleted files from various storage devices.

I have successfully used MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover a variety of file types, including documents, photos, videos, and audio files. Overall, I am impressed with the performance and capabilities of this software and would recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable data recovery solution.

App Name
MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Latest Version
Jan 14, 2024
Windows (7/10/11)
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